AI For K12 to Graduation

Capstone Project based Artificial Intelligence course for Grade / Class 3 to Graduation.


ProSkill Campus

Campus placements enriching program with internships, live projects, case studies, training by future recruiters and mentoring by the experts.

QAR Suite

A success navigation suit for Quality Assurance, Assessment, Ranking of Universities, Institutions and Programs


Faculty empowerment program to drive Teaching-Learning and create multiplier effect on Campus Placements and Enrollments.

Future Courses

IT – Artificial Intelligence, IoT, 3D technologies, Video Games, Virtual Reality, VoIP, Mobile Apps etc.
Engineering – Telecom, Automobile, Textile, Drones, Water and Water Treatment etc.
Health Care – Nutrition, Elderly Health Care Services, Medical Data, Meditation, Mindfulness Training etc.
Energy – Green Energy (Wind & Solar).
Education – Accreditations and Ranking, Faculty Training, Skill Education, Student optional courses
Management – Infrastructure (Construction Management), Hotel Management, Intellectual Property.
Finance – Banking, Insurance, Finance.
Agriculture – Precision Agriculture, Organic Farming.
Science – Biotechnology, BioPharma, and BioMedica.

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