Skill Gallery is an initiative by SkillEdu VARSITY where a learner can raise a request for any skill which he / she wants to learn, present their skills in Skill Gallery for better visibility, recognition, profile building and mentoring by the experts for professional development. Skill Gallery suits to students and parents who wish the learning should be beyond academic curriculum for holistic and heuristic development of a student and his/her career.

Learner can pick skill courses from the list of courses offered by SkillEdu or learn from anywhere in the world or can raise a request to Skill Galery for providing the aspiring skill/s training. Learners’ request of skill courses can be from any stream like performing arts, science and technology, humanities, life skills, agriculture, nature study, green energy, SDGs, history, law etc. Skill Gallery shall try to connect the learner with the expert of aspiring skill or provide it as a course.

All the courses will be taught online and shall include field / industry visits (during post Covid), experiments at SkillEdu Labs, case studies, project works, community works etc.

Students’ uploaded profiles will be assessed by the experts and using Artificial Intelligence (AI) Technology. AI also map profile of the learner with learner’s aspiring career and connects him/her with expert mentor/s to facilitate necessary mentoring for professional development. All the top rated profiles will be recommended to global best Institutes for admission into higher studies or organizations for employment.

Enroll your profile in Skill Gallery for learning new skills, profile building and to get mentoring support for your aspiring career / admission into global best Universities.


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